Rangeland Science BS

Rangeland Ecology and Management: Prepare yourself for career opportunities in areas such as soil & water conservation, managing for ecosystem goods & services, wildlife habitat management, sustainable land stewardship, and many other land and resource management opportunities and challenges.  

Within this option students study Botany, Soil Science, Water Science, Fish and Wildlife, Grazing Management, Disturbance Ecology, Restoration, Resource Economics, GIS and technology applications, and more.  

Students who select this option will complete base program requirements, then hone in on a specific area of study.

Rangeland Science or
Animal Science BS

Starting in the 18-19 academic year students may specialize Sustainable Livestock RanchingWithin this option students will gain knowledge and experience to engage in sustainable land stewardship through finding a balance among livestock production, land management, and contributing to the long term viability of the local community. 

Until this specialization is available students may balance their studies between Rangeland Ecology and Management and Livestock Production to prepare for a career managing or owning a ranch, ranching operations consultant, or managing or owning a concentrated livestock operation.  

Animal Science BS 

Prepare yourself for vet school or a career working within livestock or companion animal industries. 

Livestock: Focusing on beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, pigs, or poultry students study animal anatomy & physiology, behavior & husbandry, genetics & breeding.

Companion Animals: Focusing on companion animals students study animal anatomy & physiology, behavior & care, genetics & breeding and chose to focus on either Animal Behavior or Animal Bio-Health.  

Equine: Focusing on horses, students study animal anatomy & physiology, behavior & care, genetics & breeding in addition to equine business management.  Students prepare themselves for careers in equine boarding, breeding, training and equine facility management.