Overview of Program

Through hands-on course work, experiential learning opportunities and applied learning of rangeland ecology and management, Oregon State University’s B.S. in Rangeland Sciences degree program will prepare you to pursue high-demand, outdoor career opportunities on both private and public lands in areas such as soil and water conservation, managing for ecosystem goods and services, wildlife habitat management and sustainable land stewardship.  The base program is designed to meet required coursework for federal employment as a Rangeland Specialist, and with a few other specific courses graduates may also meet requirements for Soil Conservationists and a few other 400-series federal positions.  This program is also offered online through OSU's Ecampus.

Scope of Program 

  • Baccalaureate core: 48 credits plus a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) of at least 3 credits
  • Fundamentals of Rangeland Ecology & Management: 13 credits
  • Plants, Soil & Water: 27 credits
  • Animals: 7 Credits 
  • Socio-Economic: 6 credits
  • Methods and Management: 16 credits
  • General Math & Science: 21 credits

Starting 18-19 academic year

  • Options: 27-30 credits: (Sustainable Rangeland Ecosystem Stewardship, Sustainable Livestock Ranching, Habitat Management, Pastoral Systems of the World)
  • Experiential Learning: 4-6 credits
  • Electives: up to 10 credits



RNG 341. Rangeland Ecology and Management (3)
RNG 351. Range Ecology I-Grasslands (3)
RNG 352. Range Ecology II-Shrublands (3)
RNG 421. Wildland Restoration and Ecology (4)
RNG 442. Rangeland-Animal Relations (4)
RNG 490. Rangeland Management Planning (4)

Select 7 additional credits from:
Any other RNG course
ANS 436. Sheep Production Systems (3)
ANS 443. Beef Production Systems (3)
BOT 341. Plant Ecology (4)


Sample Course Topics

  • Plant Ecology
  • Soil Science
  • Rangeland and Natural Resource Economics
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Watershed Management & Ecohydrology
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildland Plant Identification
  • Shrubland or Grassland Ecology
  • Rangeland Inventory and Analysis
  • Systems Thinking
  • Wildland Restoration
  • Rangeland Management Planning
  • Rangeland Management GIS Applications
  • Technology Innovation


Career Paths 

  • Rangeland Conservationist
  • Soil & Water Conservationist
  • Ranch Manager or Livestock Producer
  • Wild Horse and Burro Specialist
  • Park Naturalist
  • Wildlife Habitat Specialist
  • Invasive Species Specialist
  • Restoration Consultant
  • Ecological Inventory & Monitoring Consultant
  • Watershed Manager
  • Rangeland Ecologist
  • Wildfire Ecologist
  • Park Naturalist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Ecosystem Scientist
  • Rangeland Economist
  • Extension Agent
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Rangeland GIS Specialist


Interesting Tidbits

1/5th of the world's plants are under threat... more...

Australian rangelands are home to 1800+ plant species.

Rangelands are the largest terrestrial home on earth... see a map... 

Current & Past Student Profiles

Noble Research Institute Fellow, Josh Hanson

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to go down to Ardmore, OK for a summer internship at the Noble Research Institute.  More... 

Relevant Student Opportunities

  • Range Club
  • Plant ID Club
  • Society for Range Management
  • Science in the Sagebrush

Science in the Sagebrush Steppe 2015 Promotional Video

Susan Marshall Rangeland HD