Program Overview

The Animal Production option encompasses a variety of courses and experiences centered around Animal Sciences with emphasis in production and management. This path attracts students who are seeking a career in the industries that support domestic animals but also allows them to specialize in Dairy, Beef Cattle, Swine, Sheep, and Companion Animals (Dogs and Cats). Upon completion of this track, students will have a vast knowledge basis of not only animal production (behavior, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, physiology, health), but also look into business of animal production, along with how animals impact ecology. Courses chosen are consistent with accepted curriculum as well as a plethora of related professions in the industry.

Scope of Base Animal Science Program

  • Baccalaureate core: 48 credits plus a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) of at least 3 credits
  • Animal Science Core: 34 credits
  • Animal Industry: 6 credits
  • Animal Production: 6 credits
  • Advanced Animal Behavior, BioHealth, Management & Judging: 6
  • General science, math & statistics: 34 credits
  • Agribusiness: 4

Option Outlines


ANS 231. Livestock Evaluation (3)
ANS 251. Principles of Animal Foods Technology (3)

Animal Industry

Select one of following courses:
ANS 215. Beef/Dairy Industries (3)
ANS 216. Sheep/Swine Industries (3)
ANS 217. Poultry Industries (3)

Animal Learning

Select two of following:
ANS 341. Animal Behavior and Cognition (3)
ANS 435. Applied Animal Behavior (3)
ANS 441. Topics in Animal Learning (3)
RNG 442. Rangeland-Animal Relations (4)

Animal Production

Select one of following courses:
ANS 433. Poultry Meat Production Systems (3)
ANS 434. Egg Production Systems (3)
ANS 436. Sheep Production Systems (3)
ANS 439. Dairy Production Systems (4)
ANS 445. Beef Production Systems (4)
ANS 460. Swine Production Systems (4)


Select one of following courses:
BA 215. Fundamentals of Accounting (4)
BA 230. Business Law I (4)
BA 260. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4)
Any AEC course applicable to production animal systems

Diet/Nutrition Source

Select one of following courses:
CROP/HORT 300. Crop Production in Pacific Northwest Agroesystems (4)
CROP 310. Forage Production (4)
RNG 341. Rangeland Ecology and Management (3)


Select one of following (3–4 credits):
Any upper-division ANS credit not taken above related to production animals
Any FST courses (FST 212 and FST 213 for dairy interest)
RNG 442. Rangeland-Animal Relations (4)
RNG 470. Pastoral Systems of the World (4)
RNG 490. Rangeland Management Planning (4)

Interesting Tidbits

  • Of the 2.2 million farms in the United States, 87% are owned by an individual or a married couple responsible for operating the farm
  • The optimal use of natural resources involves use of both animals and plants to produce the nutrients that humans require.
  • Livestock is the world’s largest user of land resources, with grazing land and cropland dedicated to the production of feed representing almost 80% of all agricultural land.

Relevant Student Opportunities