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Gain hands-on training with world-class researchers and become a leader of tomorrow. Animal and Rangeland Sciences are essential to the social and economic development of Oregon, the nation, and the world.

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Undergraduate Programs


Learn about production methods involved in the care and management of companion animals, livestock, and poultry.  These facets address the production of meat, dairy, eggs, wool, and animal services such as companionship, work, and recreation.


Study the sustainable management of rangelands across a variety of biomes, from arid deserts to mesic grasslands to tropical savannahs. The program takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide advanced scientific knowledge regarding multiple ecological processes and social drivers influencing rangeland ecosystems around the globe.

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Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs provide research opportunities ranging from applied ecology and management of rangelands to laboratory animals, beef cattle, and exotics—like llamas. Learn basic research from the systems and molecular level all the way to the management or applied level.

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Outreach & Extension

Through programs that advance OSU’s land-grant mission to serve the people of Oregon and beyond, to industry training and resources for K-12 teachers, the Department of Animal & Rangeland Sciences is engaged in our communities.

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Clark Meat Science Center

Also known as the Meat Lab, the Clark Meat Science Center is a teaching and research facility located on campus that is also an on-site retail store. A myriad of meat products crafted by students can be purchased during business hours. Open to the public on Fridays from 12pm – 5:30pm

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OSU Extension’s Model Cow Helps Ranchers Deal With Difficult Births

Alberta the cow waited patiently while ranchers crowded around to help her give birth. This wasn’t just any delivery and Alberta isn’t a real...

Sergio Arispe, OSU extension agent, studies the impacts of wildfire and ways to mitigate them in his work with local rangelands. (The Enterprise/PAT CALDWELL)

Safeguarding rangeland through a cooperative effort remain key goal for local extension agent

Wildfire stalks Sergio Arispe. The Oregon State University extension agent understands the influence wildfire can wield on rangeland. When he...

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What Goes into the Process of Hay Testing

Hay testing is a crucial practice to ensure optimal nutrition among livestock. On this podcast, Lorrie Boyer talks with Shelby Filley, Regional...

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