Adriana Perez

Adriana Perez. Be bold. Be you.

Adriana Perez
Class of 2023
B.S. Animal Science

“Finding my community exposed opportunities for me I never knew existed. To those like me who maybe don’t see themselves pursuing STEM careers, or not knowing how to navigate college at all, know that there is a space for you here. Whatever path you might pursue, find your people. Help is always out there, don’t be afraid to ask, some of us have been in your exact shoes before. Make those connections. Remember, you are here for a reason. Take up the space you are indebted to. So be bold. Be you.”

When Adriana Perez came to Oregon State University from Los Angeles as a first generation, first year student in 2019 she knew two things for sure: she loved animals, and she was excited to see another state.

Four years later, this recently graduated Oregon State alumna has been awarded the only Washington D.C. internship offered by Merck– one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the world. This highly competitive internship will help Adriana chart new paths and create new opportunities.

Through organizations like LSAMP, SACNAS and MANRRS, Adriana was able to pursue travel and research opportunities, secure grants and scholarships, and take on national leadership roles that ultimately led to the beginning of a career sure to be marked by adventure and constant learning. Perhaps most importantly, along the way she built a community that has had her back at every step.

While the road wasn’t always easy, Adriana is proof that when you risk trying new things, and open yourself up to new opportunities, even though you might not always find success at every turn, you just might find yourself.

So, be bold. Be you.