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Office: 541-737-1898

Linus Pauling Science Center

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2900 Southwest Campus Way

2900 Southwest Campus Way
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Nutrition is critically important for optimum development and maintenance of mind and body throughout life in animals and humans.  The focus of my research group is on dietary disease prevention using a “system biology” approach that integrates knowledge from nutrition & physiology, molecular & cellular biology, nutritional & molecular epidemiology, and biostatistics.  (1) In ruminants, the focus of my research group is on optimal nutrition during periods of stress, in particular the time around calving and markers that predict risk of disease.  Flaxseed, selenium, yeast fermentation product, and vitamin E are dietary compounds that we have looked at for improving health and performance of ruminants.  (2) In humans, the focus of my research group is personalized disease prevention using dietary flavonols and dry beans.  Combining “omics” techniques in parallel human and animal model studies provides the opportunity to improve risk assessment, allowing the development of new prevention and treatment options, and an individually tailored approach to prevention and treatment in humans.

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Animal & Rnglnd Sciences
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I accept graduate students for Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department
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ANS 505F/605 - Reading and Conference

ANS 508 - Workshop

ANS 511 - Digestive Physiology and Nutrition of Ruminant Animals

ANS 599 - Special Topics

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Comes from a farm which has been in his family for over 600 years!


Associate Professor (Animal & Rangeland Sciences), Adjunct Faculty (Human Nutrition), Principal Investigator (Linus Pauling Institute)

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