Dawn Sherwood

Senior Instructor I

Office: 541-737-1929

Withycombe Hall

Withycombe Hall 310

2921 SW Campus Way

2921 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Applied research conducted by Dr. Sherwood is beneficial to horse owners across the country.  The major areas of study are mud and pasture management to better the health and productivity of the pasture.  These management systems are also evaluated for their influence on the horses’ level of fitness.

Many of the studies conducted are by Undergraduate Seniors enrolled in the Animal Science Senior Research Project.  This project provides undergraduate students with valuable research experience while supplying the horse owner with beneficial information. 

The second area of research involves evaluating the behavior of wild stallions in herd settings.  This behavior is then studied to see if there is a correlation between herd behavior and the stallions’ response to people and other ‘abnormal’ situations.

Dr. Sherwood also collaborates with other Departments on various research projects involving horses.

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