Student Clubs

Dairy Club
The purpose of the Oregon State University Dairy Club is to provide a welcoming, educational atmosphere for students who have an interest in dairy. The OSU Dairy Club strives to provide educational activities for dairy youth and the general public, and works to serve the Oregon and national dairy industries. The club caters to students with a wide variety of dairy related interests, and prepares and develops leaders to enter the working world.

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
The Oregon State University Intercollegiate Horse Show Association equestrian team is a great opportunity for all levels of riders to ride and show competitively through college in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Meat Science Club
The Oregon State University Meat Science Club is for students interested in the processing, science, and consumption of meat products. Through fundraising efforts, such as an annual smoked turkey sale, club members take industry tours, attend meat science conferences and conventions, host workshops and outreach events, and develop a wide range of new and innovative meat products at the OSU Clark Meat Science Center.

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
The Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) at Oregon State University is the largest agricultural club at OSU. The purpose of PVMA is to further the knowledge of OSU students interested in the field of veterinary medicine. During member meetings, the PVMA officer team discusses club business with members, as well as presents information and offers sign-ups for upcoming events. PVMA meetings also provide opportunities for members to hear from guest speakers such as veterinary students, veterinarians, veterinary specialists, and more. Outside of member meetings, the PVMA officer team organizes three to four events every month in which members are able to participate in unique veterinary-related experiences such as clinics and workshops, volunteer trips, social activities, and symposia.

Sheep and Goat Club
The Oregon State University Sheep and Goat Club aspires to provide students with an opportunity to experience the activities of sheep and goat production as it would occur at various parts of the industry on any scale of production. Activities include hoof trimmings, vaccinating, lambing, ultrasound, etc.


The goal of Oregon State University Steer-A-Year is to learn more about the beef cattle industry and all that it offers through hand-on experiences, classroom instruction, and networking.

For more information about all the clubs offered by the College of Agricultural Sciences, please visit us here.