Rangeland Sciences

Program Overview

The Rangeland Sciences option within the Animal Sciences major provides students with foundational knowledge and skills relevant to rangeland ecology and management. This option is for students seeking to understand the structure and function of rangelands. Landscape dynamics, including the effects of stress and disturbance, are integral to coursework which includes rangeland plant identification, rangeland ecosystem types, rangeland health assessment, hydrology, effects of fire and herbivory, resource inventory, restoration and management planning. Rangeland Sciences courses complement Animal Sciences courses to provide students with an integrated understanding of rangeland stewardship and livestock production.

Rangeland Sciences Coursework

Animal Sciences (10 credits):
ANS 435 Applied Animal Behavior (3)
ANS 436 Sheep Production Systems (3)
ANS 445 Beef Production Systems (4)

Rangeland Science (18 credits):
RNG 341 Rangeland Ecology and Management (3)
RNG 355 Desert Watershed Management (3)
RNG 421 Wildland Restoration and Ecology (4) or RNG 441 Rangeland Analysis (4)
RNG 442 Rangeland-Animal Relations (4)
RNG 490 Rangeland Management Planning (4)

Prerequisites and/or Other Recommended Coursework:
ANS 215 Beef/Dairy Industries (3)
ANS 216 Small Ruminant/Swine Industries (3)
RNG 353 Wildland Plant Identification (4)
RNG 455 Riparian Ecology and Management (3)
RNG 470 Pastoral Systems of the World (4)