Poultry Center


The OSU Poultry Center is located at 4545 NW Harrison Boulevard, in Corvallis, Oregon. This farm is used primarily as a research facility. Therefore, experimental birds are used under the approval of OSU's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. In addition, experiments are performed in accordance to the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research in Training (2010) with biosecurity in mind. Therefore, public access is limited.

The poultry center is comprised of five buildings. The first building has two parts, north and south. The south end has 12 identical floor rooms approximately 10’x13’ for replicate trials. In addition there are two 24’x13’ rooms (one with 48 cages appropriate for broiler growout trials) used for a variety of research. The north end of this building is 3040 sq. ft. and is used for raising replacement flocks of approximately 1,200 annually. The second building has an office, shop, storage space, 8 floor pens (2-32’x16’ and 6- 16’x16’), a breeder quail room with 120 roll out cages, and a quail brooder room with brooder units and growout cages. This building houses birds for teaching, extension, and research.

The third building includes a feed mill with an elevator, grinder, and mixer to make experimental diets of up to 1,000 lbs. per mix, and to do class demonstrations. A hatchery in this building includes egg storage and three incubators (2,520 capacity each). It is utilized for fertility trials and hatching chicks.

The fourth and fifth buildings contain contemporary cages for adult chickens made by Alternative Designs. Both buildings have a small lab space.

In addition to the Harrison location, there is a broiler growout barn on Campus Way with a maximum capacity of 2,900 to teach ANS 415 by growing a flock each term under agreement with Foster Farms.

Labor for the poultry center is provided by one full-time Bioscience Research Tech 2, Shelley Hansen, and part-time students. Students interested in employment at the poultry center should contact Shelley Hansen at 541-753-8807 or shelley.hansen@oregonstate.edu


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Shelley Hansen