Department Overview

Students have a unique opportunity to major in Animal Sciences or Rangeland Sciences. As a land grant university, Oregon State has a distinguished history of leading the way in research-based knowledge through experimentation and education. In addition to campuses in Corvallis, Bend, and Newport, OSU has faculty and specialists in every county throughout Oregon.  

Whether studying Animal Behavior, Pre-Health Sciences, Animal Production, Natural Resources Management or the many intersections of these disciplines, OSU’s Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences will provide outstanding hands-on learning opportunities and mentoring by exceptional faculty.

Department History

The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station began in 1888. As might be expected from the roles of livestock in pioneer life, farm animals figured prominently in the early years of the station. Research herds of Jersey, Angus, Durham and Hereford cattle were established in 1889. In 1898, James Withycombe was recruited to the experiment station; he was director of the Agricultural Experiment Station from 1908 to 1914. In that year, he was recruited by the Republican Party to run for Governor. He won the nomination, was elected Governor, and became the first holder of that office to be re-elected. He died in office in 1919. The home of the Department of Animal Sciences, Withycombe Hall, is, of course, named for Gov. James Withycombe. More...

Faculty & Staff

Students, faculty and researchers in the Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department have access to state-of-the-art facilities to support our teaching, research and Extension activities. These farms, research centers and labs allow students to learn about animal and rangeland sciences through extensive hands-on activities and field-based experiences, which supplement in-class lectures and coursework.


Whether an undergraduate student exploring your future in animal and rangeland sciences, or a graduate student looking forward to a promising career in research or advanced placement in your field, the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences brings you some of the best and most engaging teachers, researchers and mentors available. The Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department consists of faculty members from all over the world who have excelled in their specific areas of expertise and bring this diverse and inclusive culture to the classroom and laboratory settings. Our faculty work hard to stay at the top of their research and teaching fields and share this experience with their students. Come learn from them, work alongside them and discover how you can shape the future.