Soap Creek and Berry Creek Ranches


The Department of Animal Sciences operates two beef ranches near Corvallis. The Soap Creek Ranch (1,880 acres) is eleven miles north of the OSU campus, while the Berry Creek Ranch (1,000 acres) is fifteen miles north of campus. Approximately 65% of these ranches are open grasslands utilized primarily for forage production, and the balance is forested. Just over 100 acres of riparian area at Soap Creek is enrolled in the CREP program of FSA. Although these two units are not adjoining properties, they are operated by the beef manager and undergraduate student employees as one unit. The approximately 100-cow herd is bred at Soap Creek and is bred to calve in the spring. The majority of these cows are crossbred commercial cows; however, there is a registered Black Angus herd of approximately 30 cows within that number. Additionally, stocker cattle from outside producers are grazed at Berry Creek in spring and early summer. The cattle herds and the property itself are used to conduct research (both cattle and forage), classes, student projects, extension activities, and maintain the herds. The ranches include scales, covered processing areas, and hay barns. The Department also has two  facilities on campus only two blocks from Withycombe Hall. The Steer-A-Year Barn and Hogg Animal Metabolism Barn are utilized very actively for teaching and research. These facility contains a small cattle feedlot, feed storage bins, and numerous research pens. Additionally, there are two covered cattle processing areas and scales at these campus units.