Paying For College

Paying for College

A college degree is an aspiration that can be challenging to achieve when viewed through a financial lens. Therefore we want to make sure prospective students have access to resources that may help them pay for college: OSU Financial AidCollege of Agricultural Sciences Financial Support, Graduate Assistantships.


Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences Scholarship List

Scholarship Name 

Award Amount 

Class Standing 

GPA (min) 

Study/ Major 


American Association of Avian Pathologists Foundation Scholarship

$1,500 UG Any Poultry  

American Jersey Cattle Association Scholarship





Junior- or lifetime-member of the assoc, multiple scholarships with different requirements  

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists - CA Chapter - Memorial Scholarship Fund  


$2,000   GR Any  Animal, Dairy, or Poultry Science  Application Deadline - September 15
American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists - California Chapter - Dr. Alexander J. Kutches, Sr. Memorial Scholarship $2,000   GR Any  Animal Nutrition, Dairy Nutrition  Application Deadline - September 15

Animal Science Department Scholarship




Animal Science 

Visit administration office for details and availability.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program


$4,000 UG   Any   Must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant, be in a study-abroad program for at least 4 weeks, and be a U. S. Citizen or national.  Deadline March 6

Benton County Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship 





Voting or supporting member of the farm bureau, must be enrolled full-time. 

Charles E. and Clara Marie Eckelman Graduate Fellowship $12,000 GR Any Dairy  Must have a bachelor's degree and enrolled in the College of Agriculture or Department of Microbiology. 

Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship

$2,000 UG Any Agriculture Related Field Must be a resident of Clackamas County or have attended a Clackamas County high school.

Colvin Scholarship Fund (Certified Angus Beef)

 $1,000-$5,000  J, Sr    Beef Industry Related Degree  

Dora Krueger Memorial Scholarship




Pre-Vet Med 

3.0 minimum GPA, no exceptions

E. E. Wilson Scholarship





Benton County resident at least 4 years prior to award, graduate of a Benton County high school, and be enrolled full-time as a student in residence on campus at OSU.  Applications available in February, Due March 1st. Contact Kami Hammerschmith 541-737-0534

Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities

Varies GR Any Any U.S. Citizen or national, some ethnicity requirements, must be planning a career in teaching and research at the college level. 

Foundation of the Food Processing Suppliers Association

$5,000 UG & GR   Food and Dairy Science Must be a full-time employee, spouse of a full-time employee, or a child of a full-time employee of firms which are members in good standing of the Food Processing Suppliers Association - Deadline April 2

Fulbright Fellowship

Varies GR Any Any U.S. Citizen, must have bachelor's degree

Hispanic Scholarship Fund





Must be full-time and working on first degree, of Hispanic heritage, a U.S. Citizen or legal resident, and complete FAFSA.  

Holstein Association Scholarship - Robert H. Rumler Scholarship

$3,000 GR Any Dairy and MBA   B.S. in Dairy Science or equivalent required. Deadline - April 15

Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture Scholarship

$200 S, J, Sr Any Agricultural Field  Linn or Benton County resident

Linn County Farm Bureau Scholarship





Linn County resident and be pursuing career in agriculture. Contact the Linn County Farm Bureau Scholarship Committee for an application. 

Lois Britt Memorial Pork Industry Scholarship

$2,500 UG Any Pork  

MISA Foundation Scholarship Program 

$10,000 UG & GR Any Food and Dairy Science  Deadline - May 11

National Cattlemen's Foundation - CME Beef Industry Scholarship

$1,500 UG Any Beef Ten Scholarships Annually

National Dairy Shrine

$1,000 Sr   Dairy Interest Applications are accepted March 1st - April 15

National FFA College Scholarship Program

$500  S, J, Sr Any Animal Science or Dairy Science   

National Meat Science Association Scholarships

Varies  S, J, Sr 2.75 Animal, Meat, or Food Science  

National Milk Producers Federation Scholarship

$2,000-$3,000 GR Any  Animal Health, Environmental Econ, Food Safety, Genetics, Herd Management, Nutrition Must be pursing research that directly benefits milk marketing cooperatives in the U.S. dairy industry - Deadline - April 6

Northwest Farm Credit Services Scholarship 

$2,000 UG  Any  Agricultural Field Must be a customer, a customer's child,  an employee, an employee's child, or employee's spouse of NFCS.  

Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Varies UG  Any  Agricultural or Forestry Field Must be a graduate of an Oregon high school 

Oregon Cattlemen's Association Stewardship Fund Scholarship

Varies S, J, Sr    Livestock Industry Related Degree  Must be enrolled full-time 

Oregon Dairy Women College Scholarship

$1,000 to $2,500 Varies  2.7  Food Science, Animal Science, Vet Science, Nutrition, Dietetics, or Dairy   

Oregon Feed & Grain Association




Agricultural Field  

Must be a legal dependent of an assoc member, or a full-time employee of a member, or a full-time student working part-time for a member. 

Oregon Sheep Growers Association Scholarship  




Agriculture or Vet Med  

Career interest in sheep industry, must be sophomore level or higher, must be resident of Oregon. 

Pacific Egg & Poultry Association

Varies  UG  3.0 Poultry  Applicant or applicant's parents must be customers of Accelerated Genetics.

Poultry Science Association Fellowships

$1,000  GR Any Poultry Science  

Purina Mills Research Fellowship




Dairy, Animal, or Poultry Science 

Request application from Purina Research Awards Committee, Purina Mills, Inc., PO Box 66812, St. Louis, MO 63166 (314-768-4614)

Roy A Wallace Beef Improvement Federation Memorial Fund




Beef Cattle


San Diego (CA) County Farm Bureau Scholarship




Agricultural Field 

Membership in bureau not required, but applicant must be a permanent resident of San Diego County.

Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial Scholarship

  GR Any Sheep, Lamb, or Wool Industries Include two letters of reference - Deadline May 31

Throlson American Bison Foundation Scholarship






W. D. Farr Scholarship through National Cattlemen's Foundation