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David Froman

Emeritus Appointment
david.froman [at]

Withycombe Hall

Withycombe Hall 208

2921 SW Campus Way

2921 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

My goal is the discovery of key gene networks that affect sperm mobility phenotype. The discovery of sperm mobility and the analysis of this trait resulted in three outcomes that were wholly unexpected in the mid-1990s: (1) a patent followed by technology transfer, (2) a model explaining in vivo storage of sperm within the hen’s oviduct, which in turn resulted in (3) a new experimental approach for semen preservation based upon bioenergetic theory. Having explained sperm mobility in terms of sperm cell behavior, mitochondrial function, and proteome composition, it is my hope that SNP-based information will ultimately be used for improving semen quality within pedigree lines of poultry.