Carlos G. Ochoa

Associate Professor of Ecohydrology; Watershed & Riparian Systems Management
Carlos.Ochoa [at]

Office: 541-737-0933

Withycombe Hall

Withycombe Hall 124

2921 SW Campus Way

2921 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Research in our Ecohydrology lab focuses on:

  • Ecohydrology of watershed & riparian ecosystems 
  • Land use-environment interactions influencing water quality and water quantity
  • Surface water and groundwater connectivity, aquifer recharge
  • Rangeland ecology and water resources management 
  • Coupled natural and human systems

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Courses Taught: 
  • RNG 355 Desert Watershed Management (Fall term on-campus)
    • A systems-based understanding of hydrologic processes in arid and semiarid landscapes. The class is focused on gaining knowledge of multiple ecological and hydrological interactions occurring in dryland watersheds and on discussing practical methodology aimed to enhance site productivity and ecosystem resilience. Emphasis is placed on land use effects on watershed function; monitoring of soil, water, and vegetation variables; and methods of rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. The course has a strong experiential learning component through a series of ‘hands-on’ practicums and a field trip to a semiarid location in eastern Oregon. 
  • RNG 455/555 Riparian Ecohydrology and Management (Spring term on-campus; Winter term online)
    • A systems approach to study ecological and hydrological relationships occurring in riparian ecosystems. The class is focused on gaining knowledge of multiple connections between soil, water, and terrestrial vegetation occurring in riparian systems. Emphasis is placed on land use effects on the riparian ecologic and hydrologic function, methods of rehabilitation, and theories of the proper use of riparian ecosystems under a multiple-use philosophy (i.e., fish, wildlife, livestock, aesthetics, recreation, and silviculture).


I accept graduate students in the following programs:

Rangeland Ecology & Management; Water Resources Science; Environmental Sciences; Master of Natural Resources (online)

To learn more about potential opportunities to join our team, visit our Ecohydrology lab website.


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