Encourage Engagement

Engineering Elsewhere

Hi! I’m Emily and I am originally from Los Angeles, California but decided to attend Oregon State University to study Ecological Engineering where I am currently a junior. I’m a person who loves experiencing what the world has to offer. When I’m not on campus studying or working, you can find me riding my motorcycle, going on adventures, buying plants, and making the occasional scuba dive trip. I love getting to know people from all facets of life, discovering and sharing similar interests and passions.

Obtain and Sustain

Ecological engineering has opened my eyes to all the potential fields in which I could work. It’s a major that aims to integrate the sustainability and integrity of natural resources ensuring that our actions not only benefit everyday life but also avoid harming or damaging our environment. The aspect of being able to sustain and protect the environment is what caught my interest in this field of study and I hope to apply what I learn to spread more awareness of our impacts and also incorporate more environmentally-friendly systems and standards.

Hands-On Help

A core part of my learning experience has been the professors in this major who are passionate about teaching and allow the opportunity for hands-on or out in fieldwork to happen. I’ve been able to carry out soil analyses, go on field outings with my peers to perform environmental surveys, and learn how to code with Python to solve different ecological problems. With this knowledge and with the career fairs that the College of Agricultural Sciences hosts, I was able to get an opportunity this summer to intern with Ecolab, a company that works to provide sustainable water solutions to its clients in order to optimize water and energy usage. I am looking forward to working in the industry and can’t wait to start!

Gaining Leadership Experience

The College of Agricultural Sciences has allowed me the opportunity to gain a substantial amount of professional experience and skills as a leader in the Club Leadership Team and as a student employee in the Academic Programs Office. I have met a handful of super engaging and helpful individuals who have encouraged me to pursue a number of opportunities and who have provided tips and support when battling hard classes or preparing for an interview. I consider all experiences extremely valuable because I can apply the knowledge I’ve gained from my mentors to future pursuits, and as a CAS leader, I can help my fellow peers feel welcomed, supported, and advocated for.

Steps to Miles

As a student that once had no idea where to start, sometimes even a small step makes a huge difference. Reaching out and connecting with other peers and professors is a great way to see if there are any research or job opportunities happening and can make a good impression. Advisors also send out newsletters that showcase a multitude of job positions. Lastly, if you’re waiting to hear back from a job or internship and it doesn’t end up working out, don’t get your hopes down, the next one maybe even better!