Gaining Exposure

Rose Sinclair | Class of 2023 | Spokane, WA

Botany and Plant Pathology | Ethnobotanical research 

Honing My Hobbies

I have many hobbies! I learned about Renaissance Men in a history class many years ago and I've wanted to be one ever since. I bake, dance, sew, knit, make soap, garden, run, and I most especially love reading. Fantasy is my favorite genre.

A Passion for Plants

I chose botany because I love it and because human life cannot be sustained without plants. Of the many amazing life processes that support ours, plants are at the core. I am most passionate about Ethnobotanical research and plant-based medicine, but no matter where you go or what you do, it's impacted by and impacts plants. If I could realize one dream through my studies and my passion for botany, I would love to impact the way that society notices plants. The more I have learned about them, the more I can see them around me, which changes how I interact with plants and the choices I make in the way I manage the rest of my day-to-day life.

Study Abroad!

I've been very happy with what the College has provided me! Paul Dorres was especially helpful even with my unconventional situation. My husband and then three-year-old daughter were able to come with me on my study abroad trip, which was an amazing and life-changing experience for us all.
The only thing that I would ask more of would be some extra flexibility offered to online students with children. If you're studying online with kids you're already extremely dedicated, and a bit of extra help never goes amiss.

Enjoy the Experience

The biggest one to date has been studying abroad at Wageninen University in the Netherlands! It was an amazing experience, but by far the most impactful part was discovering Ethnobotany and being able to do some of it in person. That's always exciting for an online student!


Again, studying abroad was hugely beneficial for hands-on work, but I also recently moved back to my hometown and I'm very excited to start becoming more involved in the plant opportunities there. My next goal is to become involved with the Master Gardener Society. I have found that my local library is a great place to learn about these kinds of opportunities.

My Exposure

In five years, my goal is to earn my Doctorate in Botany, ideally back in the Netherlands or Germany. I plan to focus on Ethnobotanical studies. AgSci has already been a major help by exposing me to Ethnobotany- I didn't even know it existed before I attended OSU and through OSU WUR! It was like the thing I had been searching for and knew I was passionate about just clicked into place.


Personally, I'm quite a slow student currently. I love studying but I have to balance school and family obligations. I have a young and very dear daughter, and my husband and I are currently doing some caretaking for my mother. All these things are very important, though it can be difficult and even discouraging keeping them in equilibrium.


The good old "C's get degrees" is a bit simplistic for my tastes, but it does help shift the focus to where it should be. You're not in school to get a number or a letter- you're there to learn and at least for me to do good for your family and those around you. Keep your focus on what matters; why you're there! I need reminding of this as much as anyone.