Sustainable Rangeland Ecosystem Stewardship

Program Overview

The Sustainable Rangeland Ecosystem Stewardship option is focused on building knowledge and skills to mitigate the impacts of human land uses and bolster ecosystem resiliency. This option will incorporate coursework from a variety of disciplines to build on the knowledge areas of the base program (plants, soil, water, animals) to deepen students' understanding of rangeland ecosystems and their management. This path will prepare students for a variety of land management career paths with government agencies, NGOs, consulting firms, and other private enterprises.

Scope of Program

Plants, Soil, and Water – 12 credits
Animals – 6 credits
Natural Resource Management – 9 credits

To allow students to either hone in on a specific area of focus or broadly bolster their knowledge, there is a broad list of courses from which a student may select courses to fulfill the credit requirements above.