Program Overview

The Pastoral Systems of the World option is focused on international rangelands, as Rangeland Sciences faculty have research and management experience in North America, Australia, Asia, North Africa, and Central Asia, and strong connections with researchers and on-the-ground managers in Africa and throughout the Middle East. Graduates in this option will be positioned to pursue career paths with international NGOs, the US Foreign Service, United Nations programs, or bring an international pastoral systems perspective to managing livestock grazing here in the US. To the best of our knowledge, there is not an internationally-focused rangeland management program in the US.

Program Coursework


ANS 446. Grazing Livestock Production (4)
RNG 442. Rangeland Animal Relations (4)
RNG 470. Pastoral Systems of the World (4)

World Geography (3 credits)

GEOG 311. *Geography of Africa GEOGRAPHY OF AFRICA (3)
GEOG 313. *Geography of Asia (3)
GEOG 314. *Geography of Latin America (3)

International Systems (6 credits)

AEC 243. Global Poverty and Sustainable Development (3)
ANTH 482. *Anthropology of International Development (4)
FCSJ 454. *International Perspectives on Food Systems (4)
GEOG 105. *Geography of the Non-Western World (3)
GEOG 203. *Human-Environment Geography (3)
GEOG 330. *Geography of International Development of Globalization (3)
GEOG 331. *Population, Consumption, and Enviornment (3)
GEOG 430. Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management (3)
GEOG 432. Geography of Food and Agriculture (3)
GEOG 441. International Water Resources Management (3)
PS 345. *Politics of Developing Nations (4)
PS 458. *International Political Economy (4)

Natural Resource Management (6 credits)

COMM 446. *Communication in International Conflict and Disputes (3)
FES 355. Management of Multiple Resource Values (3)
FES 360. Collaboration and Conflict Management (3)
NR 477. *Agroforestry (3)
PS 455. The Politics of Climate Change (4)