Hybrid Courses

Students collecting data at a river

Faculty in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences are working to develop more hybrid course options for both Corvallis campus based students and online students.  Check back regularly for announcements and details on new hybrid courses. 

ANS 445 Beef Production Systems

Instructor Matt Kennedy was looking for a new way to teach a livestock production capstone course when he discovered hybrid courses.  Matt will tell you his strength is not necessarily conveying information and skills to students in the traditional classroom lecture format, but talking with students and engaging in hands on activities.  Read more....



Fundamentals of dog and cat breeding stock selection, feeding and housing as well as biology and management from estrus through parturition to weaning. Due to the nature of this class, a variety of animals may be present during class session. Questions and interactions are encouraged but, while precautions are taken, any contact with animals carries some risk of injury or illness. PREREQS: (ANS 313 [D-] and ANS 316* [D-] and ANS 317* [D-] and ANS 378 [D-] ) and senior standing.