Swine Center

Facility Overview

The Swine Center is located one-half mile west of campus on Campus Way.  The swine herd farrows 5-10 sows twice a year, generally January through March and June through August. The spring farrowed litters are sold in March/April for use as 4-H/FFA county fair project pigs, and a select group of pigs are shown by OSU at the Oregon State Fair. The summer born litters are all sold as feeder hogs or used for research needs. Throughout the school year, all swine are used for teaching purposes for ANS 121 Introduction to Animal Sciences, ANS 216 Sheep/Swine Industries, ANS 231 Livestock Evaluation, and ANS 460 Swine Production Systems.

The Swine Center is comprised of one barn, used year-around to house animals, farrow sows, and raise feeder pigs. Artificial insemination is used year around to increase the quality of the herd. The center prides itself in showing in providing an example of current swine production methods for students and all those that visit.

The herd provides animal resources not only for teaching students, but for producers, 4-H/FFA tours, and Extension demonstrations. Animals are available for research in animal nutrition, physiology, and along with swine being used as a model for human health trials. Cooperative, interrelated usage of animals, facilities, and associations among involved faculty and graduate students are encouraged. Inter-departmental experimental opportunities are available. Upon request, animals are sold for non-OSU research use, and males and females are sold to producers for breeding herd uses.



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