Welcome to the Clark Meat Science Center, otherwise known as the meat lab! The meat lab is a research and teaching facility within the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences in the College of Agricultural Sciences. It is also a USDA-inspected slaughter and processing facility.

Through research projects, ANS 251 and ANS 351 courses, tours, workshops, and extension services, the meat lab aims to educate students and consumers alike, and enhance their understanding of meat science principles, concepts, and other issues involving the meat industry.

In addition to the educational element of the lab, the Clark Meat Science Center houses an onsite retail store, which is used as an outlet to sell a myriad of products, including a variety of retail cuts, fresh and smoked/cooked sausages, bacon, jerky, deli meats, snack sticks, fermented/dry-cured products, frankfurters, and even dog treats. The retail store is open to the public on Fridays from noon to 5:30 PM.

The meat lab is also home to Oregon State University’s Meat Science Club. Through fundraising efforts, such as their annual smoked turkey sale, students in the club use funds to take industry tours, attend meat science conferences and conventions, host workshops and outreach events, and develop a wide-range of new and innovative meat products.

For directions to the Clark Meat Science Center, visit our Google Maps page.


Nathan Parker