Rangeland Ecology & Management Career Resources

Find out more about careers in rangeland science at Rangelands West Career website.

Job Listings

Federal Government 
(Enter "rangeland" under "What" and hit "Search Jobs")

Society for Rangeland Management Job Board

Texas A&M Job Board

Ranch Work 


Other Job Sources

Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) such as The Nature Conservancy, Great Basin Institute, etc.

State Departments of Natural Resources or Fish & Wildlife 

Environmental Consulting Firms

Federal Career Overviews and Options

U.S. Forest Service

Bureau of Land Management

Natural Resources Conservation Service


OPM Requirements

With a degree in Rangeland Ecology & Management you may qualify for several types of positions within the federal government:

401 Natural Resource Specialist

408 Ecology Series

454 Rangeland Management Series

457 Soil Conservationist Series

470 Soil Science Series (qualify with very specific SOIL courses)

480 Fish & Wildlife Administrative Series 

485 Wildlife Refuge Management Series (quality with very specific biology and/or FW courses)

486 Wildlife Biology Series (qualify with very specific FW courses)

If you are interested in working for the federal government and meeting OPM requirements review your plan of study with you advisor early in your academic career.