Lab of Carlos Ochoa



Lab of Ricardo Mata-Gonzalez

  • Groundwater utilization and plant water relations
  • Arid-land plants of economic importance to Mexico
  • Sagebrush consumption by cattle by DNA diet determinations
  • Rangeland invasive plants/weeds: Exotic annuals & Juniper

Lab of Bryan Endress

  • Ungulate herbivory, forest management & semi-arid forest dynamics.
  • Understanding exotic plant dominance in interior Pacific Northwest bunchgrass ecosystems 
  • Evaluating riparian restoration & multiple-use management in the interior Pacific Northwest 


Pasture & Grazing Management

Lab of Serkan Ates

  • Novel pasture and grazing systems
  • Animal-pasture interactions, in particular intake, diet preference and behavior of grazing ruminants,
  • Evaluation of tannin-containing legumes for livestock grazing
  • Management of self-reseeding annual legumes in permanent pastures
  • Dual purpose and cover crop grazing.