Graduate Program Overview

The Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences has many exciting and cutting-edge lines of research in which graduate students may participate.  Two types of graduate degrees are offered: Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Our programs are supported by modern laboratories, field stations, and centralized farm services. The department has extensive livestock and poultry facilities within two miles of campus, including a high-producing dairy herd, two beef barns with a capacity for 125-head, a small confinement swine unit, horse research barns, and poultry flocks. Our sheep center is five miles from campus. We also have two beef ranches (cow-calf), located about twenty minutes from campus. A modern physiology lab has surgical facilities for cattle, sheep, and swine. A meat processing laboratory is also available on campus. Additionally, graduate students have access to off-campus facilities of the Agricultural Experiment Station in the rangelands of eastern Oregon. Our department is also supported by the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing, Laboratory Animal Resources Center, Radiation Center, Valley Library, and Enterprise Computing Services.



Caroline Charlton, Graduate Program Coordinator

Areas of Focus

Within the Animal Sciences emphasis area, students can study:

Within the Rangeland Ecology and Management emphasis area, students can study:


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