About Beef Science at OSU

With just under 25,000 total acres spread across the state of Oregon, OSU's beef ranches provide plenty of opportunities for education and research.  Professors in Corvallis, Burns, and Union are working on projects in both beef cattle...read more


Soap Creek and Berry Creek Ranches at OSU; Harvey Ranch in eastern Oregon, EOARC-Burns, and EOARC-Union

Soap Creek and Berry Creek Ranches

The Department of Animal Sciences operates two beef ranches near Corvallis. The Soap Creek Ranch (1,880 acres) is eleven miles north of the OSU campus, while the Berry Creek Ranch (1,000 acres) is fifteen miles north of campus. Approximately 65% of these ranches are open grasslands utilized primarily for forage production, and the balance is forested. Just over 100 acres of riparian area at Soap Creek is enrolled in the CREP program of FSA. Although these two units are not adjoining properties, they are operated by the beef manager...read more


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