Tim DelCurto
Associate Professor
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - Union
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
EOARC-Union Experiment Station
PO Box E
Union, OR 97883
United States


Ph.D. Animal Sciences, Kansas State University, 1989

M.S. Animal Sciences, Oregon State University, 1986

B.A. General Agriculture, Oregon State University, 1984


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Books and Book Chapters

DelCurto, T.  2010.  Issues in Grazing Livestock Nutrition.  In: Proc. 4th Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conference.  B. W. Hess, T. DelCurto, J.G.P. Bowman, and R. C. Waterman (Eds).West. Sect. Am. Soc. Anim. Sci., Champaign, Il pp 1-10.

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Other Peer-reviewed Articles and other Publications, Symposium Proceedings  (11)

Non-refereed Journal Articles or Outreach Publications, etc. (75)

Special Reports and Station Bulletins:  Publications that I served as either the editor for or provided components of topical reviews for issues important to the regional livestock industry.

EOARC Union Station.  2001.  T. DelCurto and M. Vavra (eds).  The History of the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center’s Union Station:  100 Years of Service.  Oregon Agric. Exp. Sta. Spec. Rep.  (in preparation).

Western Coordinating Committee 110.  2000. T. DelCurto (ed).  Supplementation of Low-quality roughages in the Western US:  Collection of articles on research conducted in the west and specific to western production systems as prepared by WCC 110 members.  2000. Oregon Agric. Exp. Sta. Bull. (In press).

Range Field Day Report 2000.  T. DelCurto (ed).  Sustainable Livestock Production in Forested and Intermountain Rangelands.  Topical publication corresponding to the Field Day held at the OSU Hall Ranch of the EOARC Union Station.  Oregon Agric. Exp. Sta. Spec. Rep.  1018.

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