The Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information listed below.  Applicants are responsibile for determining the requirements, abiding by any rules, and apply by all deadlines.  Every attempt has been made to maintain this list as accurately as possible.  If you find an error or know of any other Animal Sciences or Rangeland Sciences scholarships, please let us know by e-mailing

Scholarships are sorted by class standing and then alphabetically by the scholarship name. "Any" class standing indicates that both undergraduate students and graduate students can apply for the scholarship.  "UG" refers to undergraduates only, and "GR" is for graduates only.  "F, S, J, or Sr" indicates that at the time of award disbursement, the applicant must be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.  "Any" GPA indicates that there is no specified minimum GPA requirement for the scholarship.  Applicants must still maintain the minimum GPA as required by the university.

For any scholarship not linked to a webpage, please visit Dodi Reesman in Withycombe Hall for a paper application.

*For Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences Scholarships, you only need to fill out ONE application in order to be considered for ALL departmental scholarships (except the Dora Krueger Memorial Scholarship which is separate).

Department of Animal & Rangeland Scholarship Application

Dora Krueger Memorial Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Name  Award Amount  Class Standing  GPA (min) 

Study/ Major 

American Jersey Cattle Association Scholarship (varies) any  2.5   Junior- or lifetime-member of the asson, multiple scholarships with different requirements  
*Animal Science Department Scholarship (varies) any  3.0 animal science  Application deadline: 5:00 p.m. April 18, 2016
Benton County Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship  $500   any   any  any   voting or supporting member of the farm bureau, must be enrolled full-time.  To request an application, e-mail bcfb1 [at] juno [dot] com.
*Don and Ginger Helfer Scholarship $1,000 any 3.0 animal science, pre-vet med; must have interest in poultry  
Dora Krueger Memorial Scholarship (varies) any 3.0  pre-vet med  must have 3.0 minimum GPA, no exceptions! Application Deadline April 18, 2016 @ 5:00 p.m.
E. E. Wilson Scholarship (varies) any  any  any Benton County resident at least 4 years prior to award, graduate of a Benton County high school, and be enrolled full-time as a student in residence on campus at OSU.  Applications can be found at the OSU MU-East.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund $1,000-$5,000 any 3.0 any  must be full-time and working on firstdegree, of hispanic heritage, a U. S. Citizen or legal resident, and complete FAFSA  
*Hogg-Hubbard Scholarship (varies) any 3.0 animal sciences  
Linn County Farm Bureau Scholarship $1,000  any any any  Linn County resident and be pursuing career in agriculture.  Contact the Linn County Farm Bureau Scholarship Committee for an application, (541) 926-4883.
M. E. Franks Scholarship Program - Dairy Recognition and Education Foundation  $3,000 any any  dairy foods, or food science and technology, or agribusiness  see Dodi in Withycombe 126 for an application
Oregon Feed & Grain Association $1,000   any any agricultural field   must be a legal dependent of an assoc member, or a full time employee of a member, or a full time student
working part time for a member 
Oregon Sheep Growers Association Scholarship   $1,000  any  any  agriculture or vet med   career interest in sheep industry, must be sophomore level or higher, must be resident of Oregon 
Roy A Wallace Beef Improvement Federation Memorial Fund $1,250 any any beef cattle  
San Diego (CA) County Farm Bureau Scholarship $500 -$2,500   any any  agricultural field  membership in bureau not required, but applicant must be a permanent resident of San Diego Co. 
Throlson American Bison Foundation Scholarship $1,000 any any  bison   
*Larry Mirosh Memorial Scholarship $225 F 3.0 poultry must have participated in 4-H and/or FFA poultry programs in high school and have an interest in poultry
Bedell Internship 3 terms tuition F, S, J any range student nomination by faculty
*Harold P. Ewalt Memorial Scholarship $500 S, J, Sr  S, J, Sr any dairy  
*I. R. Jones Memorial Book Award $150 S, J, Sr any dairy  must be used at the OSU Bookstore
Linn-Benton Women for Agriculture Scholarship $200 S, J, Sr any agricultural field  Linn or Benton County resident
National FFA College Scholarship Program $500 S, J, Sr any animal science or dairy science   
National Meat Association Scholarship $2,000 S, J, Sr   2.75 animal, meat, or food science   
Oregon Cattlemen's Association Stewardship Fund Scholarship (varies) S, J, Sr    livestock industry related degree  must be enrolled full-time 
*Animal Science Department Head Scholarship $1,000  3.0  animal science  demonstrated academic success, leadership, and commitment to career in animal science  
*Adams Family Scholarship $1,000   J, Sr 3.0 animal science or crop and soil science, interest in food production industry  must be a full-time student and have outstanding scholastic achievement 
Colvin Scholarship Fund (Certified Angus Beef) $1,000-$5,000  J, Sr    beef industry related degree   
McClintock Award $500 J, Sr any range nomination by faculty
*Oregon Dairy Women College Scholarship $1,000 to $2,500  varies 2.7  food science, animal science, vet science, nutrition, dietetics, or dairy 

click on this link for details.

Oregon Dairy Women Scholarships

Application Deadline May 1, 2017

*Prosser Clark Memorial Scholarship $1,000  J, Sr    livestock emphasis  must have completed at least one term at OSU and have minimum 90 hours, preference given to graduate of an Oregon high school 
*Dairy Seniors Scholarship $1,000 Sr   dairy interest  
American Association of Avian Pathologists Foundation Scholarship $1,000 UG any poultry  
Banfield Charitable Trust - Campbell Family Scholarship  (varies) UG  2.75  animal science related field   intent to help pets 
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program $4,000 UG   any    must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant, be in a study-abroad program for at least 4 weeks, and be a U. S. Citizen or national  
*Charles M. Fischer - Oregon Fryer Commission Scholarship $1,000   UG  2.75  poultry   
Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship $2,000 UG any agriculture related field must be a resident of Clackamas County or have attended a Clackamas County high school
*Dale W. Weber Animal Sciences Scholarship (varies) UG 3.0 animal sciences  
*J. C. "Jack" Miller Scholarship (varies) UG 3.0 animal sciences  
*Jess Hanson Poultry Scholarship $1,000  UG  3.0  poultry   Freshman applicant must be a graduate of a Benton County high school 
Lois Britt Memorial Pork Industry Scholarship $2,500 UG any pork  
Northwest Farm Credit Services Scholarship   $1,500   UG  any  agricultural field   must be a customer, a customer's child,  an employee, an employee's child, or employee's spouse of NFCS  
Oregon Agricutural Education Foundation Memorial Scholarship (varies)  UG  any  agricultural or forestry field   must be a graduate of an Oregon high school 
Pacific Egg & Poultry Assocation (varies)  UG  3.0  poultry  applicant or applicant's parents must be customers of Accelerated Genetics  
American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists - CA Chapter - Memorial Scholarship Fund $2,000  GR  any   animal, dairy, or poultry science   
American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists - California Chapter - Dr. Alexander J. Kutches, Sr. Memorial Scholarship $2,000   GR  any  animal nutrition, dairy nutrition   
Charles E. and Clara Marie Eckelman Graduate Fellowship $12,000 GR any  dairy  must have bachelor's degree, enrolled in College of Ag or Dept of Microbiology 
*Chester M. Wilcox Memorial Scholarship (varies) GR any poultry  
Dillard and Anastasia Gates Scholarship $1,000 GR any range nominated by faculty
Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities (varies) GR any  any U. S. Citizen or national, some ethnicity requirements, must be planning a career in teaching and research at the college level 
Fullbright Fellowship (varies) GR any any U. S. Citizen, must have bachelor's degree
Holstein Association Scholarship - Robert H. Rumler Scholarship $3,000 GR any  dairy and MBA   B.S. in Dairy Science or equivalent required  
National Milk Producers Federation Scholarship $2,000-$3,000 GR any  animal health, environmental econ, food safety, genetics, herd management, nutrition   must be pursing research that directly benefits milk marketing cooperatives in the U. S. dairy industry 
National Wool Growers Memorial Fellowship $2,500 GR any  lamb or wool research    
Poultry Science Association Maurice Stein Graduate Fellowship $1,000  GR any  poultry science    
Purina Mills Research Fellowship  $12,500 GR any  dairy, animal, or poultry science  

Request application from Purina Research Awards Committee, Purina Mills, Inc., PO Box 66812, St. Louis, MO 63166 (314-768-4614)

Robert and Clarice MacVicar Animal Health Fund for the MacVicar Scholar Award  $5,000 GR any  animal health and welfare emphasis   nominations are made by faculty through their department chairs  
Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial Scholarship $1,500 GR any sheep, lamb, or wool industries include two letters of reference
The V. Duane Rath Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Award $10,000 GR  GR any  food and dairy science    
Thomas R. Bunch Scholarship $500 GR any livestock nomination by faculty
W. D. Farr Scholarship through National Cattlemen's Foundation $12,000 GR any cattle