Richard Miller
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences


Spatial and temporal dynamics of sagebrush and juniper woodlands in the Intermountain Region with an emphasis in fire.


Selected Publications

Miller, R.F. and R.J. Tausch. 2001. The role of fire in pinyon and juniper woodlands: a descriptive analysis. Tall Timbers. Pages 15-30, In K. Galley and T. Wilson (Eds.), Fire Conference 2000: The First National Congress On Fire, Ecology, Prevention And Management. Invasive Species Workshop: The Role of Fire In The Control And Spread Of Invasive Species. Tallahassee: Tall Timbers Research Station

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Bates, J.D. and R.F. Miller. 2004. Restoration of aspen woodland invaded by western juniper: applications of partial  cutting and prescribed fire. Society for Ecological Restoration 16:1-9.

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