Lambing Season Volunteers Needed

The Sheep Center is now accepting applications for student volunteers to assist during lambing season.

Time slots are available around the clock, seven days a week.

Lambing Crew Volunteer Description of Duties: 

Volunteer will assist with lambing barn activities during their shift. The main purpose is to insure that ewes successfully give birth to live lambs and that there is no mismothering amongst research animals. Secondary chores and lambing barn activities will fill in the remainder of the shift. 

Assist ewes and care for newborn lambs.  

Record lambing data, treatments, and feed.

Maintain accurate records.

Maintain cleanliness of barn and hand washing station.

Dump trashcans and restock paper towels.

Assist with weighing, ear tagging, and marking day old lambs.

Preparing ewes and lambs for jug turn out including mastitis testing, paint branding, udder scoring and body condition scoring.

Coordinate movement of ewes and lambs into and out of mixing pens.

Feeding bummer lambs.

Vaccinating sheep and administering routine animal health care.

Potential risks associated with lambing.

Exposure to Q-Fever (Personal protection is provided).

Required orientation:

Sheep center safety and lambing crew training session.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the lamb photo to open the application.  (The application is in PDF and can be saved to your computer, completed, then emailed to Mary Smallman).