John Williams
Associate Professor
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
Wallowa County Extension
668 NW 1st
Enterprise, OR 97828
United States


Krueger, W., Williams, J., Borman, M., & Larson, L. (2003). Relationships of Shade and Maximum Stream Temperatures on Three Northeastern Oregon Streams. 6pp. as part of "Range Field Day 2003 Research in Rangeland Management Environmental and Management Impacts on Stream Temperatures-Range Science Series Report #6."


Selected Publications

Williams, J. & Obermiller, F. (2004). Value of Water in Wallowa Valley, Northeast Oregon. Enterprise, OR. 5 pp.

Winkler, D. Williams, J. etal. (2002) Strengthening a nation from within. 90 pages. Washington Farm Bureau. Walla Walla WA.

Winkler, D., Williams, J., and Fallan, K. (2003). Writing Local Plans. A 30 minute video supporting the Writing Local Plans Training Manual for Creating the Planning Process to aid counties in developing their own county plans. 25 copies.

Carr, J. Mills, R. and Williams, J. (2000) Compliance With the Clean Water Act: Animal Feeding Operations and the EPA. Union OR. Special Report 1018, Range Field Day Progress Report 2000 Sustainable Livestock Production in Forested and Intermountain Rangelands. pp 54-56.

Williams, J. (2004). Input/Output Wallowa Lake Dam Scenario. Wallowa County Extension Service, 14 pp. 75 distributed.

Minton, C. Dunn, B., Williams, J. etal (1999). Wallowa County Nez Perce Tribe Salmon Habitat Recovery Plan expansion and up-date. 150 pps. Matrix of cover types and species present in Wallowa County. This matrix and analysis was added to the original Plan.