Dave Bohnert
Professor & Director, Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (Burns & Union Stations)
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - Burns
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - Union
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
EOARC-Burns Experiment Station
67826A Hwy 205
Burns, OR 97720
United States


My research program is designed to develop nutritional management strategies that improve the sustainability of ruminant livestock operations in the intermountain west. This research has includes studies concerning winter supplementation of beef cows, use of grass seed straw as an alternative forage source for beef cattle, and complimentary forages. My research has provided data that is used by beef producers in developing their nutritional management strategies.


Ph.D. Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition), University of Kentucky, 1998

M.S. Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition), Angelo State University, 1994

B.S. Animal Science (Minor in Chemistry) Angelo State University, 1990

I accept graduate students for Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Outreach and Extension

I take an active role in Oregon’s beef extension programs by developing and disseminating management tools and programs, providing hands-on learning experiences for youth, and assisting the OSU Beef Extension Specialist with county agent and producer trainings, field days, and tours.  I strive to provide beef cattle producers with the knowledge and expertise to develop management practices that improve their overall profitability while benefiting animal welfare and rangeland health and ecological function.  Specific program areas are: 1) comprehensive ranch management planning, 2) tours, field days, and industry collaboration, 3) experiential education, 4) electronic and on-line technical resources, and 5) multi-state projects and committees.

Awards and Honors

  • Briskey Award for Faculty Excellence; Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences; 2016
  • Young Scientist Award of the Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science, 2005