Animal Sciences

The Animal Sciences program in the College of Agricultural Sciences allows you to learn and explore biological principles applied to domestic livestock and companion animals. What could be better than an education which allows you to experience and understand the biology of how animals reproduce, how they grow, how they behave, their health and fitness, and how they fit into the fabric of Oregon agriculture?

Domestic livestock in Oregon are economically vital to our economy, vital for the producers who care for and raise them, and for us, in our nutritional health and our well-being. You will have an opportunity to work with a diversity of animals, from horses to cattle to chickens. And, as a graduate of this department, you will understand first hand the principles of the animal biology of food production and companion animal welfare. Some of our recent graduates have taken jobs in agricultural production or have pursued advanced training in science, the allied health fields including veterinary and human medicine, and even law.

We hope your computer visit encourages you to contact this department for further information.

- Dr. John Killefer, Department Head

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