Claudia Susan Ingham
Senior Instructor
OSU Campus
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
304A Withycombe Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


Dr. Ingham facilitates undergraduate involvement in grazing, forages and associated secondary plant compound research. She serves on graduate committees for students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Forest, Ecosystems and Society examining the disturbances of grazing and fire to improve plant communities or reduce fire risk.


RNG 341 Rangeland Ecology & Management

RNG 442/542 Rangeland-Animal Relations

RNG 470 Pastoral Systems of the World

RNG 505 Rangeland Ecological Theory

ANS 315 Contentious Social Issues in the Animal Sciences

ANS 410 Small Ruminant Internship

ANS 420 Ethical Issues in the Animal Sciences  (AnRS Writing Intensive Curriculum course)

ANS/RNG 405  Reading & Conference (Pasture & Forages, Rangeland Plant Id and Management)

ANS 509 Teaching Practicum

Goat Club Advisor


Ph.D. Rangeland Ecology and Management, Oregon State University, 2009

Teaching License for Biology, Integrated Science, and Social Science. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. 1993.

M.Sc. Tropical Animal Production and Health, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1987

B.S. International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis, 1986

I can serve on graduate committees


Refereed Publications

Ingham, C. S. 2014. Himalaya Blackberry Response to Goat Browsing and Mowing. Invasive Plant Science and Management 7(3): 532-539.

Ingham C.S. and M. M. Borman. 2010.  English Ivy (Hedera spp., Araliaceae) Response to Goat Browsing. Invasive Plant Science and Management  3( 2): 178-181.

Presentation and Abstract

Sahagun, E., J. Bell, J. Belveal, S. Akers, R. Wilson, C. Naito, C. Ingham, L. Goddik, D. Hendrix, D. Jian and M. Bionaz. 2017. Effect of poison oak and pasteurization on miRNA of milk exosomes of goats. Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease: Science and Practice. San Diego, CA. March 25-26.

Outreach Publications

Wilson, R. and C. S. Ingham. 2016. Bitless, Rider Responsibility and Conclusion. Part Three. Flying Changes XXIII, No. 12, p. 44.

Wilson, R. and C. S. Ingham. 2016. Popular Bit Types and their Effects on Horse Welfare. Part Two. Flying Changes XXIII, No. 11., p. 96.

Wilson, R. and C. S. Ingham. 2016. Does the Ethical Cost of Bit-use on the Physical and Mental Welfare of Horses Outweigh the Bit's Usefulness in Controlling the Horse? Part One. Flying Changes XXIII, No.10, pp. 24-26.

Randow, B. and C. S. Ingham.  2012.  Horses with HYPP:  Is it Unethical to Breed Horses with the HYPP Gene? Flying Changes XIX, No. 6, pp. 24-26.

Ingham, C. S.  2009.  Greener Pastures: Smart Planting for Weed Control.  Flying Changes XVI, No. 5, pp. 14-16.

Ingham, C. S.  2009. Improve Your Pasture: Healthy Pasture Management Techniques.  Flying Changes  XVI, No. 4, pp. 22.

Ingham, C. S. 1991. Understanding Sheep Production.  Volunteers in Technical Assistance. Arlington, VA.

Outreach and Extension

Oregon Forage and Grasslands Council

Oregon Meat Goat Producers

Oregon Dressage Society

Awards and Honors

Society for Range Management Targeted Grazing Committee Chair Elect